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      3 Mills Studios

      This island in East London became established as a centre for film & TV production when Bow Studios, 3 Mills Island Studios and Edwin Shirley Productions took over the old mill buildings in the 1980s.
      In the mid 1990s the three studios merged to become 3 Mills Studios under the management of Workspace Group Plc.

      Official website: http://www.3mills.com

      Productions shot at 3 Mills Studio

      Feature Film (6)

      Berberian Sound Studio2013Peter StricklandIMDB Database page about Berberian Sound Studio
      Frankenweenie2012Tim BurtonIMDB Database page about Frankenweenie
      Attack the Block2011Joe CornishIMDB Database page about Attack the Block
      Although much of the movie was shot on location, most of the interiors had to be shot on a soundstage due to the complex effects and destruction involved.
      Franklyn2008Gerald McMorrowIMDB Database page about Franklyn
      28 Weeks Later2007Juan Carlos FresnadilloIMDB Database page about 28 Weeks Later
      Country cottage scene, and other interiors were shot at 3 Mills Studio. Other sequences, including the London Underground scenes were shot on location.
      Nicholas Nickleby2002Douglas McGrathIMDB Database page about Nicholas Nickleby

      TV Series (1)

      Big Brother (UK)2000 - 2012VariousIMDB Database page about Big Brother (UK)
      The first two series of Big Brother were produced at 3 Mills Studio in Bow, East London. From Series Three onwards, the show was based at Elstree Studios. The main Big Brother house was built on top of the exterior water tank on the backlot. The show also used Stage 1 of the George Lucas Stage complex.